Special Exhibition Room

2007 Archives EXPO

The 2007 Archives EXPO opened under a slogan ”Preserve Korea and the Korean History in Archives”.
At the exhibition, the National Election Commission built a special area for election archives where it displayed election and political party-related real items such as the ballot boxes, ballot papers, and campaign posters of the successive years that had been only available on paper. This event was well received by the general public and the media for its offering an opportunity to retrospect on the election history and the development of democracy in Korea .


Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention (SETEC)


November 1 (Thurs) –November 3 (Sat), 2007 (for 3 days)

Articles on Exhibition

About 70 exhibits including election and political party-related documentation, and candidates’ printed materials

Size of Exhibition

3m X 9m (3 booths, 2.7 pyung* per 1 booth)
* 1 pyung=3.3m2

Number of Visitors

11,000 people

Bird’s-Eye View of Exhibition Center

Panel Materials Picture Panel
Committee Introduction Panel
Posters Accomplish fair elections and pass on to generations 7th National Assembly Election
Slogans Rightly see, rightly choose, and rightly find the right way 7th National Assembly By-Election
Ask major policies and cast my willingness 2nd National Election
Cheerful elections, free voting, and fair management 8th National Assembly By-Election
Vote the new leader with my precious ballot 1st Presidential Election Electoral College Election
Candidate Posters Seung-Man Rhee ㆍ3rd Presidential Election
ㆍPossessed by the University of Seoul Museum
Jin-Oh Yoo 7th National Assembly Election
Ju-Il Jung 14th National Assembly Election
Jung-Gu Che 14th National Assembly Election
Documents May 10 General Election, Letter of Appreciation. 1948
Political Party Registration Certificate (Josun Democratic Party). 1953
ㆍJeju Island district•village level election-related documents
ㆍ Provincial assemblyman elections-related documents
Voter list. 1987 12th National Assembly By-Elections
Presidential Election Counting Protocol. 1952 2nd Presidential Election
Presidential Candidate Registration Sheet. 1960 4th Presidential Election
Policy agendas, policies and party constitution (Democratic Party). 1956.
Party Constitution (Populist Party). 1965.
Party Constitution (New People’s Party) 1968.
Political Party and organization registration documents (Liberty Party). 1951
Campaign Material Doo-Han Kim, Candidate for the Lower House. 1960
Ui-Hwan Ko,Candidate for the Upper House. 1960
Si-Mok Lee Senate, Candidate for the Upper House and etc. 1960
Campaign Bulletin Jun-Youn Kim 7th National Assembly Election
Woong-Jun Byun 15th National Assembly Election
Sun-Hee Lee District·City·County Councilor Election
Chun-Ho Ye 13th National Assembly Election
Small-Sized Print Ju-Young Chung 14th Presidential Election
Mu-Ryong Choi 13th National Assembly Election
Yun-Hyung Cho 13th National Assembly Election
Gi-Wan Paek 14th Presidential Election
Won-Sik Chung 1st Nationwide Simultaneous Local Election
Seung-Man Park and etc. 1st Nationwide Simultaneous Local Election
Marking Tools Cartridge Case
Brush Taps
5 Plastic Marking Sticks
Ballot Paper 4th President and Vice Presidential Election. 1960
1st Upper House Election. 1960
7th National Assembly Election. 1967
8th National Assembly Election. 1971
District·City·County Councilor Election 1991
5th Referendum. 1980
6th Referendum. 1987
4th Nationwide Simultaneous Local Election. 2006
16th Presidential Election. 2002
1st Councilor Election for Gyeryong-si City. 2003
Ballot Box Wooden Ballot Box
Metal Ballot Box
Paper Ballot Box
Video Refer to Appendix 3

The 7th Election of Members to the National Assembly (1967) Publicity Poster


The 7th Election of Members to the National Assembly (1967) Candidate Promotional Poster


The Constitutional Election of Members to the National Assembly (1948) Letter of Appreciation from the President


The 4th Nationwide Simultaneous Local Elections (2006) Paper Ballot Box


The 17th Presidential Election (2007) Publicity Poster


Ballot Papers in History 1


Ballot Papers in History 2


Publicity Slogans in History


The 2nd Presidential Election Counting Log (1952) and the 4th Presidential Candidate Registration Sheet (1960) 1


The 2nd Presidential Election Counting Log (1952) and the 4th Presidential Candidate Registration Sheet (1960) 2


Small-sized Printouts (Name Card-Type, Booklet)


Marking Tools in History


The 3rd Presidential Election (1956) Candidate Poster


Campaign Document and Campaign Material Exhibition


Political Party/Group Registration Document (Liberal Party-1951) and Party Constitution (Populist Party-1956, New People’s Party-1968)


The 12th Presidential Election (1981) Campaign Material


Member of the Lower House (Park, Jong-gil) Promotional Calendar


The 14th Election of Members to the National Assembly (1992) Campaign Poster


Introduction of the National Election Commission


Intro Part Panel


Nationwide Simultaneous Local Elections (2006) Publicity Poster


Touch-screen Voting Machine


Political Party/Group Registration Certificate (1953)